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      Shaykh AbduRahmaan As-Sa’adi رحمه الله said,

      “Do not grieve over past matters which have not been destined, from ill health, or loss of wealth or a worldly matter, etc.

      Your concern should be with rectification of actions on the day.

      Since a person is living in the moment. He should not be saddened for what has passed. Also he should not research into the future where that research would not be of any benefit.

      It is upon you to be truthful, fulfill your contracts, keep to one’s promises and justice in all dealings.

      Fulfilling rights completely and perfectly with a tranquil soul and with truthful pure Eemaan.

      Busy yourself with your own mistakes and your matters, rather than the mistakes of the people and their matters.

      Deal with everyone according to their situation and condition, whether he is a senior, or youngster, male or female, a leader or a follower.

      Be gentle and merciful to everyone even animals and livestock, since indeed Allaah is merciful to his merciful worshippers.

      Be balanced in all your matters, and open up your mind to every religious and worldly benefit.”

      [Majmoo Mualifaat As-Saadi, 21/258]

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