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      The two amazing moment that will surprise the people of paradise when they enter into paradise.

      1. When they step into it and start seeing the beautiful things of paradise such as running strings of water, honey, pure wine and milk, lofty mansions/palaces made of gold and silver and how they shall be reunited with their children and loved ones many more. When death is brought to their sight between paradise and hellfire and it’s killed, thereafter a caller will call upon them ”O people of paradise enjoy everything in it till eternity for you shall die no more” THIS VOICE WILL SHOCK THEM ALL because they don’t know how they will be able to control the excessiveness of what Allah has given to them in paradise.

      2. The second moment is, when a caller will call upon them ”O people of paradise you are all invited to the round table of Allah to have the most beautiful moment with HIM. When this happen, every inmate of paradise will found himself in the meeting receiving the most beautiful light they h’ve never seen before and when they take up their heads steering at this light, they will here a very loud voice saying ASSALAAMUALAYKUM and they will all recognized that is the voice of Allah their Lord. Allah will ask them. Is there anything you wish to have that you have not received? They will say no! You have given us everything YA ALLAH. Allah will tell them. I will give to you this day what is better than everything. They shall say: WHAT IS BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO US ALREADY?. Then, ALLAH will remove His coverage and they shall see His FACE full of incomprehensible beauty and the best of every good thing that had never existed in the world and the hereafter except from HIM today. When this happen, the people of paradise will get shocked by this moment. Why? Because they don’t know how they will enjoy all the blessings brought by the FACE OF ALLAH to them.

      O Allah count us among the people of paradise and the seeing of your beautiful FACE in paradise on the Day of Judgement.

      Share it to all your Facebook pages and other social media platforms for your loved ones just to earn your own reward of charity .

      By Ustaaz Abdullateef Isah Ogakason

      Juma’h Mubarak

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