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    🌍 Learn at your convenience 🌍

    🎓 For those who are interested in memorizing and learning the *Holy Quran* around the world

    *[The online International Academy of Teaching Quran: Taj]*

    🎓 Online Registration and Online study.
    🎓 Qualified teachers from both genders
    🎓 Different Qira’at(methods of recitation)
    🎓 Access and retrieve information easily
    🎓 Interactive virtual classrooms
    🎓 The courses are free.
    🎓 For both genders.
    🎓 Acredited certificates.

    Registre on:


    Please help us spread that news; you shall have Thawab(reward from Allah)
    As the prophet taught us ” whoever guides to good has the like of the reward of the person who actually does it”

    We urge everyone to take the initiative and encourage all your friends and relatives to register.

    We wish you succes