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    Do you know that in Islam, if a man dies, and is survived by the following heirs:

    * Father
    * Mother
    * Wife
    * A male child
    * A female child

    (Do you know) that all of them will inherit from his estate? Do you also know that their respective shares have been stipulated in the Qur’an, a document that is about 15 centuries old and has never suffered any interpolation or distortion?

    Here is it:

    Assuming he left a total estate valued at 48million naira (or in any currency for that matter), each heir shall be entitled to the following sum:

    * Father = 1/6 of 48million = 8million
    * Mother =1/6 of 48million = 8million
    * Wife = 1/8 of 48million = 6million
    Total = 22 million.
    Balance = 26 million

    * Son and daughter to share the balance of 26million in ratio 2:1.

    * Son = 17.33 million
    * Daughter = 8.66 million

    Evidence: Qur’an 4:11-12

    Now, share the above estate according to your religious book, or culture, or civilisation, and provide appropriate evidence where this provision was made.


    Send to a Muslim to strengthen his/her imaan & to a non-Muslim to see the beauty & equity of our faith chosen to us by Allah Himself through a chosen personality Muhammad (SAW) the best example among creatures.


    Alhamdulillah for Islam!