• Thamin posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    *Asalaam alaikum.*
    *Our dua for today is:*

    *YA ALLAH!* May *ALLAH,* glorified and adorn us with His *Oneness* and enable us to link every second of our lives to His *Most Beautiful Names & Attributes.* May *ALLAH* guide us to get *closer* to Him, know Him and consequently *love Him,* *obey* His *orders* and submit to His decree. *Ameen!*

    *YA LATEEF!* have *mercy* on us, *guide* us in having *mercy* on others and make us of those who constantly give *thanks* for all the *blessings* of *AR-RAHMAN* on us. *Ameen!*

    May *ALLAH* accept our dua. *Ameen!*