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    *_Ó TÓ GẸ́_ OF KWARA: A very interesting, saddening, and highly lessoning event to the Nigerian Youth*

    First, saying it’s saddening doesn’t mean I am one of the few followers of Sen. Olubukola Saraki. Rather, I’m just trying to be sympathetic in my own little way. If I had the opportunity, I would have visited him at his residence in Kwara Central, but unfortunately, reports as at the time of preparing this piece had it that he had quietly flied out of Kwara.

    Sincerely, of all the apparent causes of his downfall, the *MOST CRITICAL AND EXTREMELY DESTRUCTIVE* is what this piece aimed to address. And that’s his battle with his late father; Dr. Olusola Saraki (the Waziri of Ilorin), over the governorship ambition of his sister, Sen. Gbemisola Ruqoyyah Saraki in 2011.

    Sen. Olubokola Saraki allowed an *ephemeral* politics to create an *unworthy RIFT* between himself and his late father, as well as his siblings. Where other politicians like Tinubu, Koro and others in the North and South East are well united with their families, even inlaws over the _national 🎂_.

    He allowed politics to make him _ilé ni adìẹ kó ti níyì_ (meaning, it’s only at home that a fowl is not respected). He quickly forgot that _ọmọ tí ó bá gbàgbé ilé, ó so àpò ìyà kọ́ ni_ (meaning, defeat is looming for whoever abandons his home).

    Hitherto, home had always been a *comfort zone*.
    *For a man:* who’s been working since daybreak, he’s always happy when returning home.
    *For Soldiers:* they perform better in their territory than in an unknown battlefield.
    *Thugs* also thrive with little efforts at their homes.
    *Even in footballing,* home is characterised by some winning advantages.
    But the reverse was the case for Sen. Olubukola Saraki, who was ruthlessly defeated even in his family house polling boots (as the news had it).
    Senator Olubokola Sàràkí now becomes a foreigner not only in his homeland but even in his own compound.

    Many people thought *Ó tó gẹ́* (Enough is Enough) is just a campaign slogan, alas, it’s an NGO known as *”Enough is Enough Movement (EEM)”*, with Dr. Salman Mohammed as its National Coordinator (https://www.nairaland.com/2378238/gbemi-saraki-fathers-true-political), which had been in existence before the election of Sen. Olubukola Sàràkí as the Senate President on 9th June 2015.

    👉 Sen. Olubukola Sàràkí should seek Devine forgiveness, for he had wronged his late father
    👉 He also need to seek the good faces of his mother and siblings, and as well amend the brutally severed family tie among members of his family
    👉 He also needs to seek the forgiveness of the fingers that fed him, which he had bitten uncontrollably.

    *And to the Nigerian youth*,
    👉 Never wrong your parents, even when they ask you to do what Allah forbids, ~Do not listen to them on that~, but *NEVER* disrespect them and *DO NOT* fail in your duties towards them.
    👉 Never bite the finger that feeds you
    👉 Never make attempt to outshine your boss
    👉 Don’t ever be selfish in your ambition and ways of life
    👉 Never think you’re more clever or smarter than others.
    👉 And finally, let the fear of your Creator always occupy the Driver seat 💺 of your life.

    *_A word they said, is enough for the wise_*

    *From the desk of✍🏼:*
    Comrade MUKAILA, Tajudeen Akolade
    Election Observer, 2019
    24th February 2019