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    You Are Looking For A MaaSha Brother. Are You A MaaSha Allaah Sister? 👆🏼🧕🏼👆🏼

    *”MaaSha Allah is now an adjective”* “I am a MaaSha Allah Sister” Our sisters keep singing all days. I am writing this piece to CONVINCE and not to CONFUSE you. 👌🏽

    Dear MaaSha Allah sister who is modest and sexy, the clothes you put on; so attractive. 💞

    The colour itself calls for attention. Is this what you call Hijab? 🧕🏼👰🏼💃🏽

    “My Hijab! My Pride!” You mean this Scarf and Pashmina? 👰🏼🧕🏼💃🏽

    Heavy Hijaabs will make me sweat, perhaps; no compulsion in religion. Are you really want to look completely hot and sexy! 💃🏽🧕🏼👰🏼

    A perfume smelling so sharp! What a perfume! Are you a MaaSha Allah sister? 🧕🏼👰🏼💃🏽

    You smile seductively to guys and they keep greeting you “Hello”, “sweerie”, “excuse me babe” WOW! “Which planet are you from angel?”, “Babe you look so sexy and hot!” SubhaanaLlah! What an unfortunate compliment! 💃🏽👰🏼🧕🏼

    You upload many beautiful pictures on Facebook, and you keep gaining many comments “Sexy Alhaja”, “Awesome sweerie”, “Hajia to menu e” Hot babe”, “This is beautiful crazy Hajia”, In fact, it is really a craziness! Head shaking in pity. 💃🏽🧕🏼👰🏼

    You send your nude pictures to your boyfriends all in the name of love. LOVE or LUST? 🧕🏼👰🏼🧕🏼

    Do you really need anyone to have sex with you? Then, why do you keep dressing in such a manner? You aren’t a MaaSha Allaah sister for your information. 🧕🏼👰🏼💃🏽

    Do you really like being naked? Remember on the day of JUDGEMENT, people will be naked but the FEAR won’t let you look. 👆🏼

    With eyeliners, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, concealer, blusher, powder, pashmini etc. So far your heart is dirty you are EXTREMELY ugly. Are you a MaaSha Allah sister? 🧕🏼💃🏽👰🏼

    You think socal media is all about looking at other people’s photographs, throwing weird stuff at each other online. Not to talk of UNWARRANTED PRIDE/VAINGLORIOUS SELF PROJECTION AND EGOTISTICAL SHOWING OFF OF ACQUISITION. Are you a MaaSha Allaah sister? 🤷🏽‍♂

    You like sharing weird and romantic articles, you like horny videos and you laugh at many jokes. Are you a MaaSha Allaah sister? 👰🏼🧕🏼👰🏼

    You have done many abortions and you are still doing more. 💃🏽

    You dress half naked in the name of fashion, exposing your boobs and other erotic parts all in the name of being sexy. Remember being sexy in HELL too! 🧕🏼

    You keep having affairs with married men, having sex with them, receiving money and aborting prenancies. WaLlohi! You are not MaaSha Allaah but a total disgrace. 🤦🏽‍♂👰🏼💃🏽🧕🏼

    Your beautiful “Butterfly Hijab” is a complete FITNAH and that “Pashmina” doesn’t make you a MaaSha Allaah sister. 🧕🏼💃🏽👰🏼

    Is this not your hair outside? Is this not your neck? Is this not your ear? Your sparking/shining lips! Arousement of your perfume. What MaaSha is this? SubhaanaLlah! You are deadly ugly since your hear is ugly. 💃🏽🧕🏼👰🏼

    You always add something extra to your dresses and you always want to look sexy. For your information; you aren’t MaaSha. 💃🏽🧕🏼👰🏼

    Prostitutes dress this way too, they do things to look charming and sexy to all guys. You are copying them right? Then, you are a prostitute. 💃🏽🤷🏽‍♂🧕🏼👰🏼

    Do you really love to look sexy? Do you need anyone to have sex with you? It is so UNFORTUNATE for a Muslim sister to look sexy. 💃🏽👆🏼🧕🏼👰🏼


    *SISTERS OF NOWADAYS ARE SO CHEAP* It is so sad, sorrowful, irksome, irritating and doleful for a Muslim sister to look hot or sexy 🤦🏽‍♂🙈🤦🏽‍♂


    📒 *Source: Hon. ‘Abdul Quadir Ariyo Temileyi Omo Tajudeen Akanji Agbogunlori* 📒