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    Lessons from the Award given to Dr. Sanni Mutmoheenah; the newest Best Graduating Doctor in Medicine and Surgery From Obafemi Awolowo University.
    By Abu Ubayy Sharif
    1, “Dr. Mutmoheenah” appeared on the stage in her “Full hijab” to collect her awards. This alone should send a big message to the Islamophobic/hijabophobic individuals who hate the “Hijab” with passion.
    2, May I remind you that this is not the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time our hijab laureates had emerged the best students in their departments and most times Graduating as the best student.
    3, One of her colleague and friend posted this on her timeline; “And I hrd whisperings all over when she was on her way to the podium. Ah Alhaja tie ni,eleha leleyii ooo,iwe,igi iwe,and all sorts and I was so happy mehn,Daddy is proud of you once again BaarokalLohu feek.This one is a Genius!!!I doff my hat”
    4, “From the scenario painted in point 3” (she appeared in her usual Jilbaab), this should also send a great message to other parents present there who had been victimizing their “daughters for wearing the hijab”.
    5, They said “Alhaja tie ni (so is it Alhaja?) which means they were surprised, parents should rather support their children who show inclination towards practising the Sunnah than victimizing them.
    6, Mrs Omotayo Eluwole (a Lecturer in the Dept of medical pharmacology and therapeutics,O.A.U.ILE-IFE.) who shared the post on her timeline said “Congratulations my cute and smiling Alhaja., I’m very proud of you.
    Love you! NB: I can’t bring up her pictures, Muitmainah no dey snap.Lol.”
    7, No matter where you find yourself, always make your (religious stand) known to people. For a Lecturer to have said she doesn’t snap “pictures” shows there is a mutual relationship between them and one or two incidence might have happened which made her know she doesn’t snap pictures…
    8, As Muslims, let’s always strive to be the best in whatever we are doing and we should always support it with prayer.
    9,with this, she has changed the narrative in her family and community that wearing the Jilbaab does not mean you’ll be backward in life.
    May Allaah put barakah in Dr Mutmoheenah’s certificate and reward all our efforts with success.
    ©Abu Ubayy Sharif Hamzah