Friendship For The Sake Of Allah:

Man is a social animal and it is quite natural that in order to survive and live peacefully in this world we develop relations with each other. Humans develop relations for the sake of sharing joy and happiness, for the sake of living better with society and to move ahead in life. There is no shame in developing relations for the sake of progression and living in a better manner, however, the ones who develop and avoid relations for the sake love for Allah are the ones who are more close to Him and would be under His shade on the Judgment Day. In Quran Allah says:

“The believers are nothing else than brothers, so make reconciliation between your brothers, and fear Allah, that you may receive mercy.” (49:10)

Therefore, those who love each other and who part ways with each other for the sake of Allah are the ones who will stand under the shade of blessing of Allah Almighty on the day of Judgment.

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