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January 25, 2023

Discrimination that Islam Puts Between Men and Women

*Understand Islam * *Isn’t it an Explicit Discrimination that Islam Gives Men Twice the Portion of Women of their Share of Inheritance?* In fact, the one spiritual textual content that grants the fitting of inheritance to girl is the Qur’an. Indeed, most of the nations, termed at present as progressive, have conferred upon ladies the …

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➖➖➖ RAMADAN AND WOMEN ➖➖➖ EPISODE 4⃣ – AFFAIRS THAT PREVENTS FASTING (finale) ➖➖➖ 4️⃣ BREASTFEEDING AND PREGNANCY Regarding fasting of a breastfeeding or pregnant woman, scholars differed and there are three opinions. ‘Ali (رضي الله عنه) said: they have to make up the fast if they do not fast, but they do not have …


Rulings On Fasting

*Rulings On Fasting:* 1) Fasting is compulsory for all grownup aware and ready Muslims male or feminine resident in his personal space (not in journey). 2) The kuffaar doesn’t quick. If he will get the steering of Allaah and embraces Islam he doesn’t require to make up previous days of fasting, whereas he was nonetheless …

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Unification of Arabia Under Prophet Muhammad

Dr. Shoufani’s thesis At the time of the death of the Holy Prophet, Arabia was far from being unified, and many people had not accepted Islam. It is accordingly argued that where the people had not accepted Islam, the question of apostasy did not arise. There is fallacy in this thesis as the following arguments …

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Battle of Uhud

The Battle of Uhud was fought, in 625 CE, at the valley located in front of mount Uhud, which is now North-Western Arabia. It occurred between the Muslim community of Madina led by Muhammad (PBUH), and a force led by Abu Sufyan. The battle was the second military encounter between the Meccans and the Muslims …

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The Wonderful Story of Julaybib

His name was unusual and incomplete. Julaybib means “small grown” being the diminutive form of the word “Jalbab “. The name is an indication that Julaybib was small and short, even of dwarf-like stature. More than that, he is described as being “damim” which means ugly, deformed, or of repulsive appearance. Even more disturbing, for …

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Is Jihad the Battle Against Non-Muslims?

*Understand Islam * *Is Jihad the Battle Against Non-Muslims? Does Qur’an Propagate Animosity Towards Other Religions by Encouraging Jihad?* In Arabic, Jihad refers to the struggle to attain slated goals by persevering against all difficulties and obstacles that may come up in the process. Indeed, the term Jihad has been used both in the Qur’an …

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