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Allah Puts Blessings In Your Assets. How?

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*Allah puts blessings in your Assets. How?*

A needy person stands up to make a donation request, despite financial constraints, (umefinyika kifedha) but you go ahead and give out that paltry amount, though sincerely, a voice in you feels you have reduced your cash and you think of the unknown future, what will happen?.

On the other hand, Allah sees your good intentions and pours abundant blessings in your finances and other assets. You might wonder why the net worth is not increasing. In real sense Allah’s blessings has done wonders. The below happened:-

+ You missed being scratched by a whisker. You murmur, *that was close*.

+ While overtaking, a gigantic 24 wheeler trailer swerves past you

+ A family member gets well quickly, reducing your expenditure

+ In your shopping, a big discount is given unawares

+ A car repair is avoided and only a minor service is done

+ A mugger approaches your car, in seconds you notice and put up your window

+ Your employer all of a sudden announces a bonus or an increase

+ You are in a restaurant, half way your colleague enters and says *I will pay*

+ You board a matatu with your friend and he or she foots the fare

+ You acquire fever by night feeling so sick and comes morning, uko na afueni.

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+ The traffic light is red, all cars stop and cross the road, a boda guy appears from nowhere, and misses you, you walk while cursing the guy, little did you know, it is a blessing from Allah.

+ You are walking in the bulas at night, the road is invisible and you deviate from the track, mathenges are everywhere but you reach home without being pricked.

+ You delay paying rent, the landlord gives you another week to settle your debt

+ You are undertaking a nikah, and the kadhi pose a question to the bride, *how much is your mahr?* You cross fingers, and pray she doesn’t mention a 6 figure, and you hear *my mahr is a mashaf and a praying mat* you hymn and chant praises of Allah silently.

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+ School opens, eid is around the corner, Ramadhan just ended, finances can’t be found, you frown, saddened, frightened, full anxiety and government announces an indefinite closure of schools.

The list goes on and on…

All this, you don’t know how it came about, *you gave sadaqa*

Allah says, _*”…Allah will find a way out for him who fears Allah, and will provide him sustenance from where he never even imagined. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He shall suffice him…..*_

Your generous support and generous contribution towards various charitable projects, doesn’t go unnoticed by Ar-Rahmaan, Al-wahhaab.

 Hence: _thats how your net income get increased._

Alhamdulillahi, alhamdulillahi thumma alhamdulillahi

May Allah increase you in favour, mercy, forgiveness and abundant blessings fid-dunyaa wal-aakherah. Ameen

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