You Can Do It

The video clip below teaches many conflict management lessons

✍🏽 I learnt that seeking revenge could cause more harm than good.

✍🏽 If the man had left without bothering to kick the cow back, he would

have gained a bucket of milk.

👉 There is a bucket of milk in our hands.
It may be a promotion we have laboured for, a friendship we have built for

years, marriage, job, health, and baby you have been praying for. Seeking

revenge may lead to the loss of any of these.

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🙏🏽 Just forgive, let go and move on so that more extraordinary things will not be


🤷🏼‍♂ Is it not even ridiculous that the man tried to kick the cow back

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instead of running with his bucket of milk?😃

✍🏽 Let us look around us, there are cows that will kick us, by

deliberating hurting us, daily or at any given opportunity when we are trying to achieve our dreams in life.

🤔 They want us to kick them back so that our buckets of milk will be


🚶🏼 We should just learn to ignore.


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