DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS. Yaum Al-ithnayn, 22nd day of Shaw’waal. (Monday, 23rd of May, 2022).

Enjoining good and forbidding evil is a very important topic worthy of attention, because welfare and salvation of the Ummah (nation based on one creed) lie in it; whereas, neglecting it causes great danger and corruption and disappearance of virtue and the spread of vice.

We Muslims, particularly at the present time, are in bad need to be active in the obligation of enjoining good and forbidding evil due to the prevalence of sins and forms of Shirk (associating others with ALLAH in HIS Divinity or worship) soothsaying, pride, arrogance, backbitting etc and Bid‘ahs (innovations in the religion) on earth. Let’s not forget what ALLAH said that HE Will NOT help or change our bad condition till we change our bad ways of life. So we hold our own downfall, let’s get up and change our own ways of life first then start talking to our family members then to our neighbours in shaa ALLAH. My apologies for the delay as I have been so busy at work since morning.

*_May ALLAH protect us from any form of disobedience to HIM_*. Aameen.

Originally posted on Mon _6 _June _2022AH 6-6-2022AD @ 1:47 am


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