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TAWAKKUL IN ALLAH – Allah ﷻ Loves You More Than Your Mother

Allah ﷻ Loves You More Than Your Mother
Allah ﷻ quotes the saying of Ibrahim عليه السلام:

وَقَالَ إِنِّى ذَاهِبٌ إِلَى رَبِّى سَيَهْدِينِ

And he said Indeed I will go to my Lord! He will guide me!

The words of Ibrahim عليه السلام when he decided to leave his father and his people after they tried to burn him!
Follow the footsteps of Ibrahim عليه السلام!
Just as he relied on Allah ﷻ to save him from the fire.

Rely on Allah ﷻ and step out of the fire of your troubles and your wrongdoings and move towards Allah ﷻ and his guidance!
Don’t hesitate!

Narated By ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه : Some prisoners of war were brought to the Prophet ﷺ and a breast-feeding woman was among them. Whenever she found a child among the prisoners, she would take it to her chest and nurse it. The Prophet ﷺ said to us, “Do you think this woman would throw her child in the fire?” We said, “No, not if she was able to stop it.” The Prophet ﷺ said, “Allah is more merciful to his servants than a mother is to her child.”
[Sahih al-Bukhārī 5653, Sahih Muslim 2754]

Imagine the joy of your mother at your return to Allah ﷻ,
And even if your mother doesn’t rejoice, nor has joy for you,
Know that the Prophet ﷺ said “Verily, Allah is more delighted with the repentance of His slave than a person who lost his camel in a desert land and then finds it (suddenly)”
[Bukhari & Muslim]

Success rituals

Oh Mu’mineen!
Oh Mu’minaat!

فَفِرُّوا اِلَى اللهِ

Flee to Allah!

Flee to Allah ﷻ and repent.
Do not wait for Ramadan to come inorder for you to repent!

Repent & be Patient!

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