Safe Our Souls – Young Muslim Students Appeal

Safe Our Souls.

Young Muslim Students (Girls) in a public school at District 1, Agege, Estate Junior Grammar School, Agege, are going through serious humiliation, Victimization and frustration of their lives at the moment in the hand of the Principal – Mrs Branco, who never hid her utmost hatred for the use of Hijab.

She at different Parent meetings told Parents that use of Hijab is not allowed in her own school and nothing can anyone do or say about.

A JSS 3 girl was punished for a whole day for flouring her order, and again on Monday 5th of September, 2022, first day of resumption into new academic year, she also molested these young girls in the open by parading them on the assembly ground as nuisance and useless students for using Hijab.

باب الموقف

Though, most of these little girls had out of fear and frustration removed the hijab, and principal is still hellbent that no student should use hijab in her own school, not even a student.

Let remember that an Injustice to One is an Injustice to All, we are hereby seeking help from Brothers and Sisters here on way out to safe these innocent young girls from the iron hands of this wicked Principal who is fraustrating Muslim girls everyday whose offence is wearing hijab.

For the new Entrants into the school, the foremost condition for their Admission is No Hijab.

District 1 management aware of this issue but seems not doing anything about it.

Adiyy ibn Hatim

My Almighty Allah help everyone one of us.

Intansurllah Yansurukun. “If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you”. Q.47 vs 7.

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