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1- God created man and established him as His vicegerent on earth and made the universe with its heavens and earth and all that lies between them subservient to him and instructed him to populate and subdue the earth. This signifies that God supposed that man needs to be the grasp on this universe, however at the similar time he mustn’t neglect that God created him. In this sense solely, he is a slave to God, his Creator whom he is anticipated to function one who worship Him and not as a servile or abject slave.

Although the relationship between God and man is that of servitude and submission to God’s will, it is to not be of subjugation or humiliation. On the opposite, it is of belief and respect. Allah the Almighty sheds gentle on the particular and intimate relationship between Him and man amongst the different creations in the verses of Holy Quran 2:30-34.

God Almighty gave man the freedom of selection between obeying Him or disobeying Him, between believing in Him or rejecting His Faith and this is said in the following Qur’anic verse: “let those who wish to believe in it do so, and let those who wish to reject it do so” (Quran 18:29). Freedom of selection is the reverse of slavery. Man has at all times been granted the proper and freedom of selecting his method in life and is consequently answerable for his actions: “Whoever does good, it is to their own benefit. And whoever does evil, it is to their own loss. Then to your Lord you will all be returned.” (Quran 45:15).

2- God has honored man and most well-liked him to lots of His creatures as is said in: “We have honored the children of Adam” (Quran 17:70). This honor with which God has blessed man is the precise reverse of servility, and when God created man and breathed into him a spark of His spirit, he ordered the angels to prostate themselves earlier than him: “When I have fashioned him and breathed My spirit into him, bow down before him” (Quran 15:29).

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In this strategy of divine non secular animation lies the shut relation between man and his Creator, and each human being retains inside his soul the essence of this divine course of which at all times assures him that he is in the Divine presence of God, wherever could also be: “And He is with you where so ever you may be” (Quran 57:4).

3- The Qur’an additionally assures us that God Almighty is nearer to man than his personal jugular vein (Quran 50:4). He is at all times close to to man and solutions the prayers of each one that invokes Him (Quran 2:186). His Mercy encompasses all issues (Quran 7:156) and that He is the lord of Mercy. Although God Almighty has been described in the Qur’an as being the All-Compelling as soon as and as being the Supreme Controlling Power twice and as being Irresistible six occasions, He has been described as being the Most Gracious and Beneficent fifty-seven occasions and as being the Merciful 100 and fourteen occasions.

In addition to being described as the Most Merciful of the merciful 4 occasions, God Almighty has additionally been described as the Most Kind and the attribute of His Mercy has been talked about innumerable occasions.

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The aforementioned verses all show the robust and shut relation between man and his Creator for it is a relation of proximity, mercy and response to man’s prayers and invocations. God Almighty is extra merciful and compassionate to His creatures than a mom is to her little one and this mercy is felt by each believer in the depths of his coronary heart.

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