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The sad reality of the weak MUSLIM society today is that most sisters wants to meet thier man themselves, sometimes even commit haraam activities with intention to get to know each other before marriage AstaghfirulLah. Such non Islamic means of getting married is forbidden in Islam and mostly lead to early divorces. Obedience to ALLAH and HIS Messenger must be our priority whenever we intend to do anything. Next is obedience to our Parents.

The best for a sister is for her parents to strive and find a good practicing Muslim brother and recommend him to their daughter and the best is if your parents present such a brother to you, don’t just ignore but research about him and if you notice he is a good practicing muslim please accept and trust me, ALLAH will make the Marriage a successful one because of accepting what your parents propose to you. Never ever ignore your parents because of a man you intend to marry or a sister you intend to marry.

Obedience to parents is important than Marriage itself only if they are sincere and does it Islāmically.

I’m not talking about so called force Marriage, such is forbidden but what do we mean by force Marriage. Sadly, nowadays if a father encourage a daughter to marry the Parents choice, we call it force Marriage. Yes you can refuse your parents recommendation but with legitimate reason and ensure your parents support your choice before proceeding to accept the proposal from the brother.

If a brother approaches you with marriage proposal, request him to give you some time then whilst you research about him from your friends, you inform your parents and other relatives to help research about him before you accept or reject without any haste in making such important decision in life.
May ALLAH keep guiding us all and protect us from any satanic influences. Aameen.

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