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The Cogent Five(5) of Marriage (Nikah)

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Quick Bite Series – Marital Matters – The Cogent Five(5)

Delaying nikkah is exciting and a plus for shaytan as he uses it as a loophole for immoralities. Hence, it is advisable in Islam that once a woman finds a compatible suitor, he or she shouldn’t delay further.

Almighty Allah says: “And marry such of you as are solitary and the pious of your slaves and maidservants. If they are poor; Allah will enrich them with His bounty. Allah is of ample means, Aware.”

It is unfortunate that many women in their 30s don’t see nikkah as a choice or top priority and prefer to delay it further. some see it as a cage wherein their freedom and desires cannot be expressed, so they prefer to delay it further. Like why should I be caged at my age without my Bsc; it’s a sin.

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The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Three matters should not be delayed: prayer when its time comes, burial when the funeral has arrived, and the marriage of a single woman when a well-suited man has proposed.” (Reported by at-Tirmidhi)

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) addressed the youths encouraging them to get married as soon as they are capable of shouldering the responsibility of marriage saying: “O youth! Whoever amongst you is able to marry, let him marry because it helps him keep his eyes away from lustful looks and preserve his chastity. And whoever is not able to marry, let him observe fasting, as it is a shield for him (i.e. protection from lapsing in fornication).”

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Are these sets of people who refuse to marry early right in their perspective or marrying early is preferable? Here are the cogent Five (5)…

May Allaah accept it from you and us. Aameen

Allaahu Musta’aan

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