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What was the Wisdom Behind Prophet’s Multiple Marriages?

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*What was the Wisdom Behind Prophet’s Multiple Marriages?*

The prophet’s first spouse was Khadijah (could Allah be happy along with her), a rich girl in Mecca. When the Prophet (ﷺ) married her, he was 25 years previous and she or he was about 40 years previous. She had been married thrice beforehand. And it was the first marriage of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), if he would have married for pure wishes or lusts, he would have chosen a lovely younger virgin of Mecca moderately than a widow fifteen years his senior.

When she died throughout the eighth 12 months of his prophethood, he remained single for about 5 years and introduced up his youngsters by himself. All of his later marriages started when he was 53 years previous when his Dawah actions had been at their peak and he was completely absorbed in his preaching duties. After these clear evidences, how can a fair-minded scholar declare that he was self-indulgent?

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In addition, the early biography of the Prophet’s life exhibits that he was pure in all elements of life. It just isn’t potential to think about that he obtained married for pure wishes. If there was any carnal need behind his marriages, it isn’t logical to favor widows or divorcees. The solely virgin amongst his wives was Aishah, the daughter of the first Caliph of Islam. He married a couple of for noble humanistic functions and elegant objectives. Every considered one of them performed an eminent position in the propagation of his teachings amongst the Muslim girls.

Also, the Prophet (ﷺ) meant via these marriages to assist them as they’ve nobody to vouch for them. That is why he chosen the widows, the divorced, and the aged.


Furthermore, he was solely to obey Allah’s Orders, each second of his life was sensible translation of Allah’s Commands and Instructions. Allah says about him: Say, “I only follow what is revealed to me from my Lord.” (Quran 7:203)

In the matter of marriage, he was merely guided by Allah with a view to obtain the humanistic and Dawah objectives.

How can we elevate such doubts whereas we’re speaking a few man who was in a position to dwell as the kings though he most popular a way of life of the poor? Then How you declare that he was ruled by carnal wishes?


The Prophet (ﷺ) was a person who selected the lifetime of subsistence and contentment willingly, though he was in a position to present the calls for of his pure wives, and he had the facility to present them an expensive life which was straightforward for him, then how will you declare that he was ruled by his carnal wishes?

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Why all these illusions after 1400 years, whereas he was recognized earlier than his marriage and after his marriage with chastity? Why these suspicions now whereas he was an emblem of purity, honesty, truthfulness, and every kind of excellent qualities?

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And after they turned his bitter enemy after the declaration of the prophethood, they by no means accused him of polygamy, though they had been very keen to seek out any flaw in his character. This denotes that it by no means was some extent of weak spot in his persona, moderately they had been assured that it’s a kind of perfection and a sort of philanthropy, as he cared for the widows, divorcee, helpless and needy via these marriages. If it was any kind of flaw, they’d have been the first to boost such questions, nevertheless it by no means occurred.

His boyhood, his youthfulness and his center age had been open web page in entrance of the folks. He by no means surrendered to the pleasures, promiscuity, or inhibitions throughout the prime of his youth, whereas his coevals had been indulged in all sorts of indecencies. During the days of ignorance, all impermissible acts had been permissible, however despite that, he was recognized by his purity, honesty, reverence and sobriety.

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