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Why Islam Prohibits Woman from Having More than One Husband?

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*Why Islam Prohibits Woman from Having More than One Husband?*

Lots of people, together with some Muslims, query the logic of permitting Muslim males to have extra than one partner whereas denying the identical ‘right’ to girls.

Let us first state emphatically, that the inspiration of an Islamic society is justice and fairness. Allah has created women and men as equal, however with completely different capabilities and completely different tasks. Men and ladies are completely different, physiologically, and psychologically. Their roles and tasks are completely different. Men and ladies are equal in Islam, however not equivalent.

Quran 4:22-24 provides the record of ladies with who you can not marry, and it’s additional mentions in 4:24 “Also (prohibited are) women already married”

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*The Reasons Why Polyandry is Prohibited in Islam:*

What is the Islamic View on Marriage?

1. If a person has extra than one spouse, the dad and mom of the youngsters born of such marriages can simply be recognized. The father in addition to the mom can simply be recognized. In case of a girl marrying extra than one husband, solely the mom of the youngsters born of such marriages shall be recognized and never the daddy.

Islam provides large significance to the identification of each dad and mom, mom, and father. Psychologists inform us that kids who have no idea their dad and mom, particularly their father endure extreme psychological trauma and disturbances. Often, they’ve an sad childhood. It is for that reason that the youngsters of prostitutes wouldn’t have a wholesome childhood. If a toddler born of such wedlock is admitted in class, and when the mom is requested the title of the daddy, she must give two or extra names!


2. Man is extra polygamous by nature as in comparison with a girl.

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3. Biologically, it’s simpler for a person to carry out his duties as a husband regardless of having a number of wives. A girl, in an analogous place, having a number of husbands, is not going to discover it potential to carry out her duties as a spouse. A girl undergoes a number of psychological and behavioral modifications as a result of completely different phases of the menstrual cycle.

4. A girl who has extra than one husband could have a number of sexual companions on the similar time and has a excessive likelihood of buying venereal or sexually transmitted ailments which will also be transmitted again to her husband even when all of them don’t have any extra-marital intercourse. This isn’t the case in a person having extra than one spouse, and none of them having extra-marital intercourse.

The above causes are those who one can simply determine. There are in all probability many extra the explanation why Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom, has prohibited polyandry.

Fiqh (Jurisprudence) Under Caliph Abu Bakr

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