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Can A Muslim Kiss or Hug His Adult Daughter or Sister?

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Scholars based on QUR’AN and Sunnah has ruled that, for a man to embrace and hug his daughter/ sister, or kiss her on the head or cheek or between the eyes by way of showing compassion, kindness and love is permissible and recommended, even if she is an adult, on condition that there be no fear of fitnah or provocation of desire. Excluded from that is kissing on the mouth or any sensitive area, which is only for spouses, and usually provokes desire. 

Let’s be careful as shaitan is an open enemy who can cause us to commit a grave sin against ourselves as we see and hear happening on daily basis fathers impregnating their daughters, brothers impregnating their biological sisters etc. astaghfirullah. ALLAH has warned us not to go near Zina in Quran 17 vs 32. HE didn’t say don’t do it, he says don’t go near it, meaning we should and must avoid that look, that sweet word, that touch etc, these are all satanic tools to cause us to commit sins.

May ALLAH keep guiding us all and protect us from any satanic influences. Aameen.

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