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How can I benefit immensely from the six days fast in Shawwaal?


*BAINAS SĀ’IL WAL FAQĪH (Between the inquirer and the jurist)*

*AsSalām Alaikum Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh*

Question 30B: *How will I benefit immensely from the six (6) days fast in Shawwāl for I will need to make up for twelve (12 or more) days’ fast missed in Ramadān while my monthly period of purity is just 14?*


May Allāh make us firm in Islām.

This is one of the frequently asked questions by my beloved brethren among womenfolk although I have provided the different opinions of scholars on the matter in my last episode.

I pray Allāh grant everyone of us better understanding of Islām.

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Let me first state that majority of scholars, those in the past and present, approve delaying repayment for missed days of Ramadān as a result of cogent reasons such as sickness, traveling and et cetera.

However, they disagree on the permissibility of carrying out voluntary fast before making up for the missed days in Ramadān.

The school of thought of Imām Abū Hanīfah  and one of the views of Imām Ahmad Hanbalī allow it though the school of thought of Imām Mālik dislikes it.

Imām Ash-Shāfi’ prefers repayment for the missed days before the voluntary fast is observed. And there appears another view of Imām Ahmad Hanbalī which disallows it too (as against what has been earlier said). See Al-Badā’ 2/104, Mawāhib Al-Jalīl 2/417, Al-Majmu’ 6/375 and Al-Mughnī 4/401.

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The author of Sahīh Fiqhus Sunnah in volume 2 p.141 said : *”There is no (authentic) proof that disallows fasting voluntary before making up for the missed days (of Ramadān).*

The proof available only stresses its permissibility where Allāh says:

*but whoever among you is sick or on a journey, then (he shall fast) a (like) number of other days* Sūrah Al-Baqarah verse 184.

This is further buttressed by the hadīth of ‘Āishah (may Allāh be pleased with her) who said: *”‘I will have some days of Ramadān to make up for and won’t be capable to do so until Sha’bān”*  See Al-Bukhārī 1950 and Muslim 1146. Commenting on this, he established that there is no doubt in the fact she would of course observe  voluntary fasts throughout the year even with the knowledge of the Prophet (upon him be peace) and he does not disapprove it for her.

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More importantly, the timing for repayment of Ramadān fast is lengthy *(as compared to the shorter time of the 6 days fast).* Thus, voluntary act is permitted before Ramadān just as Nāfilah is permitted in the timing of obligatory Salāh. See Abū Mālik Kamāl bn AsSayyid Sālim, *Sahīh Fiqhus Sunnah pages 140 – 141*

I will therefore advise you that you observe the six (6) days’ fast in Shawwāl possibly then repay the missed days at your convenient time or you combine intentions as the case may be. Better still you may refer to my last episode for better understanding.

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*Allāh knows best*

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