Lists of World Calendars


1. Gregorian Calendar
2. Pawukon Calendar (Bali, Indonesia)
3. Ethiopian Calendar
4. Jewish Calendar
5. Chinese Calendar
6. Heijira Calendar
7. Persian Calendar
8. Japanese Calendar
9. Julian Calendar
10. Buddhist Calendar
11. Hindu Calendar (Vikram Samvat, Shaka Samvat, and Kali Yuga)
12. Mayan Calendar
13. Egyptian Calendar
14. French Revolutionary Calendar
15. Sumerian Calendar
16. Zoroastrian Calendar
17. Celtic Calendar
18. Cappadocian Calendar
19. Achaemenid Calendar
20. Attic Calendar
21. Ancient Greek Calendars.

Up there👆 you have over 20 different calendars in use or once in use in the world.

I decided to dig into this to let you know that the Gregorian Calendar in use in most part of the world, Nigeria inclusive, is not the only regulator of man and his activities on earth.

Muadh ibn Jabal

In other words, while we’re in a mad rush to make it before December 31st, 2022 some persons in another part of the world are less concerned about our death-race hustling. This is because these Calendars do not begin and end the same time.

I want you to take it easy with yourself. Man invented calendar and over the years adjusted it, abandoned it or reinvented it to suit his purpose. You must know January 1st is not the beginning of the year for everyone on earth.

Likewise, December 31st isn’t the end of the year for everybody on earth. Instead of killing yourself for not achieving your goals for the year, try to draw up a broad plan for yourself and pursue it throughout the days of your sojourn on earth.

Story of Umayr ibn Sad al-Ansari

You’re created for great things. Pursue these things.

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