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Prophet Muhammad’s Estimate of Abu Bakr

Most virtuous.

The Holy Prophet said that if all the virtues were catalogued these would be three sixty in number and Abu Bakr possessed all the three sixty virtues. Among the Companions Abu Bakr was the most virtuous.

Special way.

The Holy Prophet said, “Allah will show His glory to the people in a general way, but He will show it to Abu Bakr in a special way.”

Greatness of Abu Bakr.

About the greatness of Abu Bakr, the Holy Prophet said: “Never has the sun risen or set on a person, except a Prophet, greater than Abu Bakr.” Best of human beings. The Holy Prophet said, “Verily, Abu Bakr is the best of human beings, except the Prophets”.

Companionship of Abu Bakr.

About the companionship of Abu Bakr, the Holy Prophet said: “Abu Bakr, you were my companion in the cave and you will be my companion in Heaven on the spring of Kausar.”

Kindliest of Persons.

Abu Bakr was a kind-hearted person and he freely spent his money for the relief of the Muslims in distress. For this attribute, Abu Bakr earned the following remarks from the Holy Prophet: “The kindliest of my followers towards the believers in faith is Abu Bakr.”

Truthful and veracious.

About the truth and veracity of Abu Bakr, the Holy Prophet said: “Never did I invite any person to accept Islam who did not doubt and hesitate and express anxiety save only Abu Bakr who embraced it without the slightest hesitation when I spoke to him of the faith.”

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The Holy Prophet’s confidence in Abu Bakr.

The Holy Prophet said: “Never was anything revealed to me that I did not pour in Abu Bakr’s ears.”

Glad tidings of paradise.

The Holy Prophet gave glad tidings of paradise to ten of his companions. Abu Bakr headed this list. Addressing Abu Bakr, the Holy Prophet said: “Abu Bakr, you will be the first of my people to enter paradise. “

Place for Abu Bakr in the paradise.

The Holy Prophet even beseeched God to recognize the merits of Abu Bakr: “Almighty God, give, I beseech You, a place to Abu Bakr like that of mine in paradise on the Day of Judgment.”

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The Holy Prophet’s obligations to Abu Bakr.

The Holy Prophet said: “There is none whom I owe obligation and I did not repay it except Abu Bakr, for I owe him much for which Allah will compensate him on the Day of Judgment.”

Obligations of the people to Abu Bakr.

The Holy Prophet enjoined the Muslims as follows: “The love of Abu Bakr and gratitude towards him is incumbent upon every one of my people “

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