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The death of Sheikh AbdulGhaniy Dhul Nurayn Aboto unexpectedly hit Ilorin Emirate in particular, and the entire world – both Ummah and non-Muslims – like a thunderbolt. Ilorin Emirate has indeed lost an illustrious and outstanding scholar who is known for his oratory and eloquent soul inspiring lectures.

The Sheikh Aboto of the Century, as he is fondly called, is known for his knowledge prowess, wisdom, erudition and fear of Allah, before his death.

Shaykh AbdulGhaniy Dhul-Nurayn memorized the entire Qur’an along with the Science of Tajweed at a very tender and started delivering soul inspiring lecture that impactful positively in the live of Muslims globally at age of 15.

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The uncommon genius graduated as one of the overall best graduating student in all the institutions he attended – primary, secondary and higher institutions. The year he graduated from Al Azhat University, among the brilliant students of the Faculty, he was one of the best graduating student. He passed out with distinction from his Alma Mata.

The Ilorin Emirate based Scholar was famous for memorising any book that came his way – the Qur’an, books of Tafseer,, all the Books of Hadith as well as other books, be they ancient and modern writings. Hence, he hardly needed to gather reference texts anytime he was on the field of dawah.

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To die a martyr in the Islamic faith is one of the greatest honors. The rewards granted to the martyr are so sublime and are superior to the rewards for performing almost any other righteous act.

The martyr is given seven special favors and privileges from Allah. Before he dies, the martyr can see the beauty of his palace in Paradise. The martyr will not be tested in the grave, nor will he be punished in the grave. The martyr will not feel fear on the Day of Judgment. A crown of honor will be placed on his head, which has jewels that could illuminate the Earth from their brilliance. The martyr will marry the most beautiful women of Paradise. The martyr will be able to intercede for seventy members of his family, who can be rescued from the punishment of the Hellfire and will enter Paradise in honor of the martyr. Our erudite Shaykh AbdulGhaniy Dhul-Nurayn Aboto died a Martyr. Though it is one loss, too many.

In an authentic Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “By the One in Whose Hand is my soul, no one is injured in the Path of Allah – and Allah knows best who is truly wounded in His Path – except that he comes (with his wound) on the Day of Resurrection, its color the color of blood, and its scent that of musk.” (Sahih Muslim)


It is no wonder that we read in the Islamic literature that to die a martyr is the dream of many righteous men and women in Islam, who aspire to the highest ranks in Paradise.

To die a martyr does not mean that one must raise a sword, stand in the front lines of a battle, and fight. Loss of life and bloodshed are not the goals of a Muslim.

Peaceful and noble people, those who lived upright lives, who worshiped Allah sincerely and stayed away from what Allah has forbidden them, have let out their last breaths in this world as martyrs, even though they never even carried a weapon.

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There are so many ways that a believing Muslim can be granted the honor of dying a martyr.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “He who truthfully asks Allah for martyrdom, Allah will raise him to the high status of the martyrs, even if he dies on his bed.” (Sahih Muslim)

From among the martyrs are the one who dies of plague, the one who dies of a stomach disease, the one who dies of a fire, and the one who drowns. The one who is crushed under a collapsing building and dies is a martyr. The death from calamities, as fire or drowning or being crushed under the rubble makes these believing Muslims deserving of the honor of martyrdom.

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Shaykh AbdulGhaniy Dhul-Nurayn Aboto left Abuja in the morning of Thursday, 29th September, 2022 and had a stop over at Minna the capital state of Niger State to pick the one of son of the past Chairman of Ansar-ul-Islam, Minna Branch, Nurudeen AbdurRahman that aspired to continue his Islamic education from the institution of Shaykh AbdulGhaniy Dhul-Nurayn Aboto. They all left Minna for a long journey of six hours. For the Nine hours journey he made from Abuja to Minna, and then to Ilorin, death did not take him away. But death waited for him in his home and struck.

Allah Almighty says:

“Everyone shall taste death. And only on the day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the fire and admitted to Paradise he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).” [Qur’an, 3:175]

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Such is the reality of death and what comes after it. Every one of us shall taste it whether poor or rich; healthy or sick, old or young; leader or led and none of us can escape it.

Allah the Most High says:

“Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in a fortress built up strong and high.” [Qur’an, 4:78]

One of mysteries of death is that we see a youth who was full of health and energy suddenly falls dead without warning; thereby making that youthfulness and energy fade away, bringing all his senses to a complete standstill. That youth might even be an erudite scholar, an eloquent author, a skilled physician or brilliant inventor but it is absolutely out of the question that this quality should prevent death from overtaking him when his time is due.

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Allah Almighty says:

“When their term is reached, neither can they delay it nor can they advance it an hour (or a moment).” [Qur’an, 10:49]

Amr Bin Abdullah used to mount the pulpit (mimbar) and say:

“Many a person who has seen the beginning of a day but would not see it’s end. And many a person who has expected morning but would not live to see it. If only you had known your appointed time and how it comes to pass, you would have detested nursing hope for worldly materials and its deception.”

My beloved people! How near is death! Every day it becomes closer to us and no sooner has the book reached its appointed time that we belong among the dead. Then it becomes clear that life is really like flowers that bloom then afterwards wither or like a lamp that illuminates then afterwards dies down.

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The sudden death of Shaykh AbdulGhaniy Dhul-Nurayn Aboto is a big loss to the ummah and at the same time, a lesson to every one of us. This is indeed a sad news, too many and a huge loss to the Muslim community globally. But we accept all that Allah has decreed for our erudite Shaykh AbdulGhaniy Dhul-Nurayn Aboto.

May Allah forgive all his shortcomings, make grave a fraction of paradise for him and grant him Jannatul Firdaous. Aameen.


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