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Humanity and the Divine Religion

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*Humanity and the Divine Religion*

The Holy Quran expressly declares that the human race is one household. All of us are the kids of Adam and Eve, whether or not our pores and skin is white or black. At numerous locations it says: “All human beings are a single nation” (2:213). “All human beings are not but a single nation and yet they disagree” (10:19). “And verily this your nation (human beings) is a single nation” (21:92, 23:52).

The variations in our bodily options, colours, complexions, languages, clothes, customs, and the methods of residing come up attributable to totally different climates and geographical territories. Those who settled in sizzling tropical zones grew to be black, and those that settled in chilly climates remained white of their complexion. The folks residing in sizzling climates are hot-headed and the folks residing in chilly local weather have chilly temperament. The food plan additionally impacts the shade and temperament. The lust for property, energy and pelf made one tribe the enemy of the different tribe and led to bloodshed and battles.

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Such savage and illiterate folks common idols with their fingers and worshiped pure phenomenon resembling the solar, fireplace, our bodies of water and snakes and different parts and creatures which may hurt them. They believed that they might get hold of safety from such materials objects, creatures, and parts of nature the river, the snakes and different objects which may hurt them. Hence out of fancy and worry they made their gods. But the prophets at all times guided them and instructed them to worship one God.

The prophets, the guides whom God despatched to all folks, instructed these folks to worship the one God, who’s omniscient, all-powerful and all merciful. These people, who have been dominated by worry and caught of their beliefs, continuously tortured, teased and persecuted these divine reformers often known as the prophets. God by no means left humankind with out steerage by way of prophets.

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Adam was the first man in addition to the first prophet. He guided his spouse and kids. The Quran tells us, “every people had a prophet” (10:47) “And certainly we raised in every people a prophet” (16:36). And there usually are not folks, however a Warner has gone amongst them” (35:24). “And we did not send any apostle but with the language of the people, so that he might explain to them” (14:4).

The introduction of the Holy prophet of Islam is described in the Quran: “Those who follow the Apostle, the unlettered, whom they find written down with them in the Torah and in the Bible” (7:157).

The Bible additionally mentions about the introduction of the prophet. It says: “For Moses truly said unto the fathers, a prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me, unto him shall ye hearken in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.” (The New Testament Acts 3:22-24)

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Moses is prophesying a couple of prophet who will give them legislation as he gave them divine legislation. Prophet Mohammad endorsed the Law of Moses and offered to him in the Quran. Hence Prophet Mohammad is the prophesized one by Moses in the Torah.

The Quran and different divine scriptures testify this verity that humanity is the core message of prophecy. Some non-believers preserve that faith is the apple of discord. But is it not the thoughts’s incapability to grasp and the egocentric and grasping passions that trigger the discord, not the Truth given by God by way of the prophets? The prophets rendered nice sacrifices. John was beheaded with a noticed. Jesus Christ was tortured. Muhammad (PBUH) was teased and attacked. Thy tyrants and tribal chiefs troubled him, however the prophets tolerated all trials, for God and humanity. Humanity is the message of all prophets.

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