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I am looking for someone to help me answer these questions.

1.) Why Noah built the Ark in 40 days.

2.) why the rain/storm lasted for 40days.

3.) Why the Israelites walked through the desert for 40 years.

4.) Why the tower of barbel was built in 40 days.

5.) Why Jesus Christ fasted for 40days.

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6.) And He ascended to heaven after 40 days.

7.) And they said life begins at 40.

8.) Even Pass mark starts at 40.

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9.) And they also say “A fool @40 is a fool forever”.

What’s so special about 40???

If you don’t have an answer, please send it to at least one group u belong to, we might get an answer.


Originally posted on Thu _11 _March _2021AH 11-3-2021AD @ 2:10 pm

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