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هيئة حقوق المسلمين

Motto: Dialogue, Not Violence الحوار فقط، العنف ممنوع

Date: Monday, 15th August, 2022.


Nigerian Christians recently went to the United Nations to lodge false reports. They claimed that Muslims are killing Christians in Nigeria, that it is only Christians that BOKO Haram is killing and that the Nigerian government is aiding and abetting the killings. They also submitted unverified figures to support their claims.

They nearly got away with this monumental falsehood because some Western countries believed them. Also in a letter dated 9th August, 2022, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) asked Nigerian Christians to send reports of institutions that are preventing Christian worship. The letter was signed by CAN secretary, Barr Daramola Joseph Bade.

Only a group willing to be buried in the dustbin of history can ignore this type of information and without attempting to copy CAN, there must be a robust, nonviolent and proportionate response to this kind of behavior.

Muslims must have their own data for Muslim victims of Boko Haram killings and kidnappings as well as Muslim victims of various forms of religious persecution.

It has therefore become mandatory for us as Muslims to keep records of fellow
Muslims killed or injured by attackers. We must ensure that all such Muslim corpses are lined up on the floor and their pictures taken with our phones. The pictures should be sent to this email address :

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We have also created channels for Muslims to report cases of political marginalisation, economic discrimination and social stigmatisation.

Muslim students who are being forced to go to church in private schools and tertiary institutions or those facing religious persecution of any type in schools should send their reports to :

Muslims who are denied employment opportunities on account of their faith should send their reports to

Those facing religious oppression of any type in other places, e.g. those disallowed from offering Salat (prayer) in their places of work are to send their reports to : while issues concerning hijab should be addressed to: murichijab@gmail com.

You Can Do It

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)
assures you that the reports will be compiled and forwarded to all parts of the world. Nigerian Muslims must not remain silent when false and malicious reports are being spread about them all over the world.

Please note that these reports include those that happened in the past so long as you have the details, e.g. date, when, where, how, etc.

Nigerian Muslims are willing to peacefully coexist with their Christian neighbors but we cannot stand akimbo when such neighbours are spreading toxic information about us around the world.

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern
15th August, 2022


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