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Birth of Prophet Muhammad

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The last prophet of Allah was born on 12th Rabi ul Awwal of Islamic calendar, 570 AD in Makkah. He was an orphan at the time of his birth, as his father had died before his birth.
His father’s name was Abdullah and mother’s name was Amna.
His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, named him “Muhammad” that means “The praised one”. As per the customs of Arabia, the child was entrusted to a Bedouin woman Halimah for his upbringing. She belonged to the one of the tribes of Bani-Sa’d.
His grandfather took his custody after his mother’s demise in 576 AD, when he was only 6. After 2 years, in 578 AD, Abdul Muttalib also demised leaving him to his uncle Abu Talib, chief of Banu Hashim clan within the Quraiysh, as his guardian who loved and cared him more than his own kids.

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