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The Ten Companions Promised Jannah

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The Ten Companions Promised Jannah are:

1- Abu Bakr:
The first caliph, one of the earliest converts; Muhammad’s closest friend and most trusted advisor.

2- Umar ibn al-Khattab:
The second caliph, relatively late convert, but fought at Badr and Uhud; played an important role in organizing an Islamic state in Medina.

3- Uthman ibn Affan :
He is the third caliph. Throughout his life he was kind, generous man. His marriage to two daughters of the Prophet had earned Uthman the nickname (the one with the two lights).

4- Ali ibn Abi Talib:
The fourth caliph, one of the earliest converts; cousin and son-in-law to the prophet Muhammad.

5- Talha ibn Ubayd Allah:
Talha was a member of the tribe of Abu Bakr. He was a successful businessman. The Prophet said about Talha:
” He, who desires to see a martyr walking on the ground, let him look at Talha bin Ubaidullah.”

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6- Zubayr ibn al-Awwam:
He is well known in the books of seerah as “The Disciple” of the Prophet. The Prophet himself gave him this title. He was also a prominent companion of the prophet and loved him very much.

7- Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf:
He was one of the first eight persons to accept Islam. He was one of the ten persons assured of entering Paradise. He accepted Islam only two days after Abu Bakr as-Siddiq did.


8- Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas :
He was born in mecca. He was seventeen years old when he embraced Islam.

9- Sa’id ibn Zayd
He inherited his father’s religious beliefs of Islamic Monotheism, and accepted Islam at an early age. Sa’id with his wife accepted Islam when only a handful were Muslims. They went through all sorts of abuse, ridicule and torture because of their decision.

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10-Abu Ubaidah Al-Jarrah
He was described as the “Amin” or Custodian of Muhammad’s community with dignity and grace. The Prophet said about him: “Every Ummah (nation) has a trustee: the trustee of my Ummah (nation) is Abu Ubaidah bin Al-Jarrah.”

May Allah pleased with them Allah.

May Allah grant us Jannah too.

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