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Usman Ibn Affan

Usman Ibn Affan was born in 579 CE in Makkah and was the son in law and companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was the third Caliph of Muslims and played a major role in Muslim history.

He was born to the Umayyad clan of Quraish and was a wealthy man. He was known for his charity because of which he was called Ghani (the giver). Moreover, he also married two daughters of Prophet (PBUH) which gave him the epithet of Zunnurain. He took the seat of Ameerul Momeeneen after Ummar Bin Khattab. During his reign the Muslim empire expanded to Iran and Afghanistan. Moreover, his reign is also known for the economic prosperity and reforms along with the compilation of Quran in the form of a single version by eradicating all the stylistic differences recited in different areas at that time.

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Usman was martyred by rebels in 656 CE in his house. He rests in peace in Jannatul Baqi.

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