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Islaam Total Submission to the Good Will of Allah

Submission to the good Will of Allah - Almighty God, together with the obedience to His beneficial Law, is the best safeguard of peace and harmony. It enables man to make peace between himself and his fellow men on the one hand, and between the human community and Allah - Almighty God on the other. »

Can We Pass Rulings (Fataawaa) Based On Weak (Da’iif) Hadith? – Abu Rumaysah

Can We Pass Rulings (Fataawaa) Based On Weak (Da’iif) Hadith? – Abu Rumaysah

Many of the early scholars held the firm opinion that to act upon, or derive rulings from a hadith which has been declared to be weak by the scholars of hadith is unacceptable. Their reasoning being that Islam has no need of anything weak, and the authentic material of Islam will suffice for all time, the da'if hadith amounting only to a conjecture which has the possibility of being correct. I qu... »


What is Ijma’ (Scholarly Consensus)? by Ibn Taymiyyah

Many doctors (mujtahid) of early community and those who followed them have held or practised what was innovation, not knowing that it was so, either because of weak ahadith they thought sound, or because of understanding from a Qur'anic verse what does not follow, or for some personal view held in ignorance of definitive texts on the matter. If (such) a man fears Allah as much as possible he may ... »