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7 – The number that baffled scientists!

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      The number that baffled scientists?

      It’s number 7❕ 7❕7❕7❕7❕7❕7

      – You know that No
      He has a meaning!!!

      We will not be able to explain this meaning until the Day of Judgment!

      [It is the wisdom of God, Glory be to Him]

      # Let’s get to know this information:

      The number of layers of the sky is 7
      The number of layers of the earth is 7
      7 days of the week
      Gates of fire 7
      7 wonders of the world
      Tawaf around the Kaaba 7
      Sa’y between Safa and Marwah 7
      God commands prayer at the age of 7
      – The colors of the bow of Rahman 7
      – Verses of Surat Al-Fatihah 7
      – The number of seas is 7
      The number of pebbles to be thrown at during Hajj is 7
      The main minerals in the earth 7
      There are 7 basic types of stars.
      There are 7 orbital levels for an electron.
      Visible light has 7 colours.
      7 rays of invisible light
      Birds migrate in a flock of 7
      – Takbeer for the two Eids, 7 takbeers.
      The number of continents in the world is 7
      Those whom He will shade with His shade on the Day of Resurrection are 7

      Finally we say with reverence:
      ( There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah )

      Notice the certificate of unification consists of 7 words.
      Worth publishing, Glory be to God
      I will tell you its benefit, and you also do not skimp by sending it to your loved ones

      Did you know

      Whoever performs ablution before going to sleep, God will send an angel to him who will spend the night between his clothes and his skin, asking forgiveness for him until he wakes up, and if he dies, then he will die according to the fitrah ❕❕❕

      Satan said: I destroyed the children of Adam with sins, and they destroyed me with forgiveness, and there is no god but God
      (Nine things that benefit you in your daily life)
      – You want happiness = pray in time
      – You want the light of the face = you have to do the night prayer(Tahjud)
      – You want to relax = you have to recite the Quran
      – You want health = you have to fast
      – You want relief = You must seek forgiveness
      – You want the worries to go away = it is necessary to pray
      – You want distress to go away = Say there is no power nor strength except with Allah
      – You want blessing = pray for the Prophet
      – You want good deeds without getting tired = don’t keep them, but send them

      Let a message like this circulate among people and take its reward from Allah!

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