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      *Etiquettes of Reciting the Quran* *10* 📖🍂

      1⃣It is recommended to be in a state of purity while reading the Quran

      2⃣It is is desirable to face the Qiblah

      3⃣It is recommended to use miswak to purify one’s mouth

      4⃣One must follow the principle of Tajweed

      5⃣One must be filled with humility and deep concentration

      6⃣One must be sincere and recite the Quran only to seek Allah’s Pleasure

      7⃣It is also a desirable tradition to implore for Allah’s Blessings when verses of Goodness are read and seek His protection when verses of punishment are read

      8⃣It is recommended to not complete the recitation of the Quran in less than forty days and not exceed that so as to not be hasty nor lazy in it’s completion

      9⃣One must be sincere in its teaching,learning and recitation No worldly interest must be attached to its matters

      1⃣0⃣Seek Allah’s Protection before the recitation of the Quran (Isti athha)

      1⃣1⃣One must endeavour to beautify one’s voice with the Quran

      1⃣2⃣Do not raise your voice while in the company of other reciters

      1⃣3️⃣One should stop Reciting if one feels tired and drowsy

      1⃣5️⃣It is recommended to listen the recitation of other reciters

      1⃣6️⃣It is befitting to respond to the Quran by emotion or words.

      🍁When verses of Allah’s Punishment is mentioned one must feel awe in ones heart,

      🍂When verses of glorifying Allah is read, one should glorify Him.

      🍂When interrogative verses are read,answer in the affirmative or negative. Eg:

      أليس الله بأحكم الحكمين

      أليس الله بكاف عبده

      One should say *بلى* ( indeed)

      🍂Prostrate where verses of prostration is read .There are *14* verses of prostration in the Quran.

      *This makes recitation of the Quran interactive*

      1⃣7️⃣One must not recite Quran while in Rukooh or Sujud


      ✍🏾 *Foday Tarawally*
      📚Taken from the book *Authentic Islamic Ethics*
      🎓By *Sheikh Waheed AbduuSalam Baale*

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