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      Notes from the Adab Al-Mufrad Class of our Shaykh, Abu Naasir Ibrahim AbdurRauf, held on Sunday, Dhul Qa’ada 8, 1444/May 28, 2023

      Mutual Insults

      Islam forbids mutually insulting one another. It is a fault in a person’s religion to be insulting people. But some people think that is the religion itself. This is from the deceptions of the Shaytan, because two Muslims insulting and abusing one another have been described by the Prophet as two Satans! They exchange evil and vulgar speech. They tell lies against each other. They help the Shaytan establish what he loves. They follow the Shaytan and are thus ascribed to him. These are things that people take with levity, but are from the most serious matters.

      Being humble is not foolishness or weakness. It is obeying the command of Allah. He has commanded the Muslims to stick to humility and eschew every form of arrogance, so that no one becomes oppressive another person, or looks down on other people out of pride.

      Stick to humility and seek your reward from Allah. Do not reject the truth, don’t look down on others, and obey the instructions of those in authority. Don’t talk down on employees just because you pay them salary. Don’t humiliate people just because Allah has raised you over them. Anyone who has to say: “I am a noble person, respect me!”, is no noble person.

      If people insult you, do not respond. If you start feeling to respond, say A ‘udhu billahi min As-Shaytan Ar-Rajeem. Even if the person that insults you is lower to you in age or status, still keep quiet. Remind yourself that two people who begin to insult themselves are Satans, exchanging evil speech and lying against one another.

      Unfortunately, the social media has normalized insults. Anonymity and remoteness have made people feel empowered to direct vile speech at others. Know that writing and speaking have the same ruling. People who help to spread insults and abuse by liking and sharing, or posting on their social media pages, will also have a share in the evil. Fear Allah and do not be a Satan.

      When you ask questions, do so with the sincere intention to follow the guidance. Some people asks questions only to garner the license to follow their desires. They keep twisting the question and bringing scenarios to cause the scholar to change the rulings. Do not ask questions just so you can get the leeway to do what you have already decided to do.

      The rulings regarding the Polytheists is different from that of the People of the Book. One of such differences is that we should reject the gifts of Polytheists. This is due to the vehemence a Muslim should feel against Shirk. Also, it is advised to reject gifts if it comes with some demeaning acts, because a Muslim is a person of honour.

      Islam forbids us from doing things to break a marriage. In-laws should fear Allah and not cause stress to their children’s marriages. Don’t oppressively find faults with your son’s wife, nor unduly interfere in your daughter’s home. The husband or wife too should respect and keep good relations with their parents-in-law. Let us all be as brothers to one another, spreading peace and love; avoiding rancour, malice, insults and abuse; and cooperating with one another upon righteousness and piety.

      Assalam Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

      Hadiths Discussed
      Hadith 427 to 429.

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