There will be no friend, nor an intercessor for the wrongdoers, who could be given heed to. [40:18] Means, those who wronged themselves by associating others in worship with Allah ﷻ, will have no relative to help them and no intercessor who can plead on their behalf; all means of good will be cut off from them. »


Online Dating Makes Mass Dating Fun!

[ad_1] If you want to have a really good time while finding that partner that is right for you there are two really good ways of getting to know a lot of people in a very short period of time with online dating being one of them. With online dating you can review as many profiles as you want and contact as many people as you want in your quest of a hot date. The second option is speed dating which... »


Free Book – Priests Embracing Islam

Priests Embracing Islam This book compiles the stories a number of past priests who have since embraced Islam, Including well-known speakers and authors Yusuf Estes and Abu Yahya. Download Here »


Taqwa and Your Stomach (6) Umar Bin Al-Khattaab and His Son on Eating With Moderation

It is expounded that Umar bin al-Khattaab (radiallaahu anhu) acknowledged: O folks, beware of gluttony (excess) … Be taught More »


The Son of Mu’adh Bin Jabal and the Plague (Al-Qadr and Al-Sabr)

Ibn Abi al-Dunyaa relates via Shihr bin Hawshab: Abd al-Rahmaan bin Mu’adh bin Jabal (rahimahullaah) … Learn More »


After nearly 30 years studying religions, a 66-year-old Buddhist monk decided to embrace Islam

In 2015, a Buddhist monk from Taiwan decided Islam is the only truth to follow after studying all religions. After nearly 30 years studying religions, a 66-year-old Buddhist monk decided to embrace Islam. After being a monk for 28 years in Taiwan, the monk embarked on a journey to search the truth and finally recognized Islam as a perfect and beautiful religion. Sports Star TV Malaysia reported th... »


The Wonderful Conversion Story of C. Huda Dodge

In The Name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful. It’s interesting for me to look back on my life and see how it all fits together – how Allah planned this for me all along. When I think about it, I can’t help saying “Subhaanallah”, and thank Allah for bringing me to where I am today. At other times, I feel sad that I was not born into Islam and been a Muslim all my life. While ... »


Mature Dating Tip – How to Flirt

[ad_1] Flirting is ageless; you have the license to do it whether you’re 20 or 60. You need to know how to flirt in order to navigate the mature dating scene. Done right, it is a harmless and easy way to spark that special someone’s interest and make him or her want to know you a bit more. Here are some flirting tips to use on other mature daters you have just met. Do these and youR... »


Advice to Muslims in Ramadhan – ‘ABDULLAH AL-JARULLAH

Ramadhan is an auspicious opportunity for believers to renew their commitment to their Creator and the Sovereign of the Day of Recompense. This commitment must be both outward and inward, so that a Muslim not only recites more Qur'an and offers more units of prayer, but that she or he does so with reflection, humility and attentiveness. Muslims must ensure they are not formalists who concentrate ... »


The Story of the Prisoners of the Battle of Badr, – SAFI UR-RAHMAN MUBARAKPURI

It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war (and free them with ransom) until he had made a great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land. You desire the good of this world (i.e. the money of ransom for freeing the captives), but Allah desires (for you) the Hereafter. And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise. Were it not a previous ordainment from Allah, a severe torment would have tou... »