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45 Lessons On the Sacrifice for the Idul-Adha

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1- Udhiyyah is what is sacrificed during the days of ‘Eed in worship for Allaah.

2- Udhiyyah can be camel, cattle, sheep or goats all are called Baheemaul An’ām.

3- It is called Udhiyyah because the animals are slaughtered begining at Duhā time till before the sunset of the forth day.

4- Udhiyyah is established by the Qur’ān, the Sunnah and the consensus of the scholars.

5- Scholars differed on its Ruling, the more correct opinion is an Emphatic Sunnah.

6- It is permitted on a household, to slaughter an Udhiyyah.

7- The Udhiyyah is divided into three portions ; one for consumption, one for sharing and one for preservation.

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8- It is shared to the poor Muslims and to the non- Muslims to bring their hearts to Islaam.

9- Udhiyyah must be free from any of the major defects; obvious defect in one eye, obvious sickness, obvious lameness and
emaciation that leaves no marrow in the bones. This is agreed upon by all the scholars.

10- There are other defects detested by the scholars according to the schools of thought.

11- The Udhiyyah that sustains any defect after it is bought in good condition, is valid.

12- But if one is the cause of the defect, then it must be replaced with another good one.

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13- It is not permitted to loan for the Udhiyyah except one is certain of refunding.

14- One can help another slaughters his Udhiyyah provided his permission is expressed.

15- The best animal for Udhiyyah is the fattest, the most expensive and the most beloved to the owner.

16- The ages of Udhiyyah; camel 5yrs, cattle 2yrs, sheep 6mths and goat 1yr.

17- Scholars differed on the best among the four animals; camel, cattle, sheep or goat.

18- Seven people can contribute money to get a camel or cattle for the Udhiyyah.

19- The intention of all the contributors may not necessarily be for the Udhiyyah.

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20- It is not allowed for the one that owns the Udhiyyah to sell any part of it even the skin after slaughtering.

21- No part of it to be given to the butcher as remuneration ( except it is a gift) rather money or other item is used.

22- The one given Udhiyyah meet can sell, eat or give another person; his wish dictates.

23- It is allowed to have intentions of Udhiyyah and Aqeeqah on one animal, though it is controversial.

24- It is not allowed to have intentions of Udhiyyah and Nuzr ( a vow one made on himself) on one animal.

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25- Udhiyyah of one that does not believe in Şalaah is not only unacceptable but also unlawful.

26- Udhiyyah of one that believes in Şalaah but not punctual at it is accepted and lawful, though it is controversial.

27- It is a condition/obligation ( Shart) to say ” bismillaah” on the animal at the point of slaughtering.

28- If one forgets the Bismillaah, the validity of the Udhiyyah is controversial.

29- It is Sunnah not compulsory to say ” Allaah Akbar”, forgetting it has no effect on the Udhiyyah.

30- It is allowed to say after Allaah Akbar
” This is for me and my family”.

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31- It is not allowed to specify a Udhiyyah for the dead one, the dead ones are already inclusive in ” my family”.

32- If one makes a will ( waşiyyah) for the Udhiyyah before his death, the will must be fulfilled out of 1/3 of his estate .

33- But if he left no estate or not up to 1/3, then one of his heirs can do that but not compulsory.

34- One who intends to slaughter Udhiyyah should not take anything out of his body; nails or hair, at the sighting of the moon of Zul Hijjah till he slaughters, this is correct view.

35-If Udhiyyah is missing or dead, the owner shall still be rewarded provided is not caused by his negligence.

36- If one’s negligence results to death, missing or major defect on the Udhiyyah, one is responsible for its replacement.

37- Udhiyyah that gives birth, the child has the ruling of Udhiyyah as well.

38- It is sunnah for the owner of Udhiyyah not to eat on the ‘Eed Day till he returns and eats of his Udhiyyah.

39- If the Udhiyyahs are mixed up that no one recognises his own, whichever one is slaughtered is valid, there is no harm in that.
40- It is permitted to send someone money to get Udhiyyah and slaughter it on one’s behalf.

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41- It is not allowed to pay out money as equivalent to the Udhiyyah, this has no basis.

42- Udhiyyah can only be replaced for better one, though it is controversial.

43. It is haraam to place Udhiyyah as an object of fighting, it is a punishable offence.

44. The owner is permitted to tap the milk of the Udhiyyah, though it is controversial.

45. Neither the blood nor the flesh of the Udhiyyah reaches Allaah, but your Taqwah for it reaches Him.

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