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7 Acts that Will Grant You Eternal Salvation

Seven practices that will make you successful in the hereafter…


A person’s glory lies in his tahajjud. Surely prayer is easily answered and brings us closer to Allah.

2. Read the Qur’an before sunrise

It would be better before the eyes see the world, the eyes should read the Qur’an first with full understanding. read at least a few verses.

3. Fajr sunnah prayer

This two rakaat before the Fajr prayer is better than the world and everything in it, imagine that you are the richest person if you do it.

4. Take care of the Namaz-e-Chasht (duha prayer, Ishraq)


Because the key to sustenance lies in the dhuha prayer. Rest assured, the benefits of dhuha prayer are very powerful in bringing sustenance and inner peace.

5. Take care of alms every day

Allah loves people who love to give alms, and the angels of Allah always pray for people who give alms every day. Believe me, the alms given will be rewarded by Allah many times over.

6. Maintain continuous ablution

The reason the Prophet Muhammad PBUH heard Bilal’s footsteps in Jannah Bilal ibn Rabah (R.A) said” I never invalidated my wudu’ except that I performed wudu’ upon that, and I considered that I owed Allah two Rak’ah . “(H.R Tirmidhi)

Simple Habits of Greatness

7. Read istighfar every time

With istighfar the problem is quickly resolved, sins are forgiven, and it definitely makes us always think positively and be happy all day long.

Spread this knowledge on your phone or on your groups.

We will not lose the slightest. Because the mobile phone we have is very light to carry, but in the hereafter it will be heavy.

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