DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS.  Yaum Al-Khamis, 4th day of Shaw’waal. (Thursday, 5th of May, 2022). *_HOW TO REMAIN STEADFAST IN ISLAM AFTER RAMADAN_*. BismilLaah.

Islam is a complete way of life till death not only in Ramadhan. Its sad that Ramadhan is gone so we must remind ourselves that we are Muslims of all times not only in Ramadhan and we have the Quran to guide us through all times.

The Quran is the main means for one to remain steadfast, and attachment to it preserves and safeguards a person during trials. ALLAH Says: “And those who disbelieve say: ‘Why was the Quran not revealed to him all at once?’ Thus [it is] that ALLAH may strengthen thereby your heart. And ALLAH have spaced it distinctly.” [Quran 25: 32].

Why is the Quran a means for steadfastness?

1.  It instils faith in the heart and purifies the soul by connecting it to ALLAH.

2.  It calms the heart of the believer and makes it tranquil.

3.  It provides the believer with the correct principles by which he can face the tough circumstances that he endures, as well as providing him with the appropriate criterion with which to weigh and judge matters.

4.  It refutes the false claims and suspicions that the enemies of Islam and the hypocrites allege; for example:

When the disbelievers of the tribe of Quraysh claimed that ALLAH had forsaken the Prophet, ALLAH revealed the following verse which means: “Your Lord has not taken leave of you.” [Quran 93: 3]. This verse emphatically boosted the morale of the Prophet. That’s the power of the Quran. When the Prophet was worried for not receiving revelation for some days OR weeks etc, ALLAH revealed in Suuratul Doha that “Your Lord has not forsaking you and Promised the Prophet that HE Has prepared Jannat for him which is better than anything good in dunya combined so as Muslims lets be steadfast regardless of the difficulties we face in dunya bcs ALLAH has Promise Jannat for those who stay steadfast in dunya. Let’s continue with the recitation and listening to the Quran.

*_We seek ALLAH’S guidance always and to aid us through our efforts to please HIM and stay steadfast_*. Aameen.

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