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Al-Ghazali’s Letter to Khwaja Abbas Khwarzam

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To Khwaja Abbas Khwarzam

Religious brotherhood and relationship in knowledge are deeply-rooted. They closely unite two people more than all other kinds of relationship. Although you are unknown to me, I have upon spiritual contemplation, arrived at the conclusion that you are one of those people whom I hold most dear.

Souls before being housed in bodies were like assembled armies. One should look upon the hearts rather than upon the bodies. It is a source of great strength and pleasure to me to learn that you, having come at the end of all this development of philosophical thought and mystical experience, hold the unique position of being an heir to an immense intellectual and spiritual wealth. I thank Allah who has blessed you with religious knowledge, mystical vision and faithful adherence to the theory and practice of the companions of the Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him. These have endowed you with rare virtues.

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I feel sure that the plan of salvation will flash upon you like a storm of light leading you to man’s real goal in life, and then you will model yourself upon the companions of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, who are the models of saintly life and exalted humanity.

If you work ceaselessly internally and with single minded devotion to propagate Islamic teachings and mystic ideas, the entire population of our country will benefit. Inspired by your teachings they would trust in Him alone and acquiesce entirely in His will. “And, who speaks more justly than he who invites to Allah, does what is right, and says: ‘Surely, I am of those who surrender.'” Koran, Chapter 41 verse 33.

Yours sincerely

Al Ghazali

This work is in the public domain worldwide because it has been so released by the copyright holder.

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