My Time is Closing-up and my days are numbered. I’ve had *enough,* but Time seems never enough to have done *enough.* I’ve live long to outgrown clothes in the constant image of my own face. I’ve been sick and strong, strong and sick. It’s been 365days of ups and downs; I mean, solid 12 Months which was meant for the absolute Worship of my Creator. Hence, I ask my self, have I done enough to RELAX and REJOICE? Or to CELEBRATE and JUBILATE? Isn’t it better for me to RELAX and REFLECT?


What Joy does the Heavy Rain at Summer bring a decayed Corpse? How does a Drowned Fisherman hopes to Enjoy the harvests of His Fish Nets? How do I *celebrate* when I’ve got countless of reasons to *Ululate?* Have I done enough? Have I done enough to celebrate my *BirthDay* in the presence of my *Death-Day?*

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Hmmmmmn . . .

I may not be with you much longer. It could *have been yesterday but AlhamduliLlaah Robil ‘alameen it wasn’t, it could be now, today, tomorrow or not so far away! I’m* scared of dying because I believe I have not done enough to avoid the Fitnah of the Grave.

Please, rather than sending loads of BirthDay Cards and Greetings, I would prefer you refer me to my Rabb, giving *lessons* that could make me *Reason.* For I am more concerned about the torments of the Grave, the Self-Contain, than the monuments of this world, the ephemeral.

Oh Allaah, kindly ease my affairs and that of the Muslim Ummah. Aameen.

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May Allah accept it from you and us. Aameen

*Allaahu l-Musta’aan!*

Originally posted on June 29, 2022 @ 5:09 pm


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