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Dawah by Beautiful Character


Allah says:  “Invite ˹all˺ to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and kind advice, and only debate with them in the best manner.” [Surah An-Nahl 16: 125]


Brothers and sisters, when giving da’wah, please carry it out with good manners, respect & knowledge. Consider this story about Thumama ibn Uthal, who was one of many leaders of Banu Hanifa. He killed a number of the Muslims, so he was captured by the companions. The Prophet ﷺ commanded for him to be tied to one of many pillars within the masjid.


The Prophet ﷺ then requested him: “What have you got, O Thumama (meaning, what’s on your mind)?”

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Thumama mentioned: “I have a good thought, O Muhammad. If you should kill me, you would kill a person who has already killed somebody; and if you should set me free, I would be grateful; and if you want wealth, then ask me whatever wealth you want.”


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ returned to Thumama the following day with the identical query, and Thumama gave the identical reply. Keep in thoughts, that in all this whereas, Thumama obtained to watch how the Muslims interacted with each other, their adab, how they prayed, and in addition how they handled him, how they supplied him with foods and drinks, as a substitute of being tortured as a prisoner of warfare who killed Muslims.


On the third day, the Prophet ﷺ requested once more the identical query, to which Thumama gave the identical reply. This time nevertheless, the Prophet ﷺ commanded for Thumama to be launched.


Thumama then went to a backyard of date-palm bushes close to the masjid, took a bathe after which re-entered the masjid, and took the shahadah! Then he mentioned to the Prophet ﷺ:


“By Allah, O Muhammad! There was no face on the surface of the earth most disliked by me than yours, but now your face has become the most beloved face to me. By Allah, there was no religion most disliked by me than yours, but now it is the most beloved religion to me. By Allah, there was no town most disliked by me than your town, but now it is the most beloved town to me.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari 4372]

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What modified Thumama? It wasn’t a lecture, or any particular khutbah. But it was the attractive character of the Muslims that moved him. Brothers and sisters, your good character could be a type of da’wah as properly!


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