Eid: The Celebration of Self-Cleansing

*Eid: The Celebration of Self-Cleansing*

Eid-Ul-Fitr is an Arabic term which is commonly known as “festival of breaking of the fast”. It is one of the two religious festivals in Islam and takes place in the 10th month of Islamic Calendar. After fasting for a whole month known as Ramadan, the day when this stringent fasting ritual is broken is known as Eid. Believers perceive that it is a gift from the Almighty God for them. Eid celebrations become meaningful from the joy of this gift.

Ramadan is a turning point in the life of a believer. It is the time when believers draw closer to the Almighty who has guided them. They have gained satisfaction by cleansing the sins that were committed before, as well as gaining confidence for the coming year. They praise the lord who gave them such an opportunity. That is what Eid is. They mark the glory of Allah not just with their words, but with their deeds too. They offer all praises and glory to their Lord.

A believer is one who abstains himself from what is allowed for him, only because of the obedience to Almighty Allah. Not only food, they kept aside their thoughts and emotions for Allah’s satisfaction. Ramadan is a month when the mercy of the Muslims showers boundless towards the world. They are extremely concerned about the piety in their life. At last, they bid farewell to the holy month.

Eid is a celebration. The thirty days of sacrifice should not be doomed in one day of celebration. Eid should be viewed as ways to strengthen your ties. It should be considered as means of getting closer to families and friends. Believers bid farewell to the holy month letting go of hatred, enmity, and revenge. They should try to make this practical on the day of Eid as well.

Also, we should be aware that there are people who do not know what the joy of Eid is. Just like our children, their children also have Eid. No one can ever celebrate anything in a situation of facing death. There are many such lives in this world. Extend our helping hands to those around us and include others at least in our prayers.

After a month of compassion, fasting and Eid should enable the believers to accept compassion as a moral conduct. Then we can be sure about ourselves that our fasting and other actions are on the right track.

*Hearty Eid Wishes to All!*

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