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Develop Your Financial IQ specific


Develop Your Financial IQ specific

DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS. Yaumul Jumuat, 19th day of Shaw’waal. (Friday, 20th of May, 2022).

Seeking Help with ALLAH.
To ask ALLAH for HIS protection and to rely on HIM alone for help, is a tool in defeating Satan. Surah Al-Falaq and An-Nas of the Qu’ran may be used to regularly seek protection from Satan and we should recite them. There are lots of dua to protect ourselves too that we must learn some and use them regularly. We must realise that as long as we are alive, Satan will never give up attempting to mislead us. We must always be on our guard and constantly ask ALLAH for guidance and protection.

Avoid Sinful Environments.
When ALLAH forbade Aadam from one particular tree, HE did not say, “do not eat from this tree” but rather, “do not come close to this tree.” Qur’an 2:35. We must therefore distance ourselves from anything that may lead to committing sin. When ALLAH warned us against fornication, HE didn’t say don’t fornicate but rather do not got near it meaning dont behave or do anything that can lead to fornication such as a sister not dressing decently, mingling, unnecessary looking etc.

Develop Your Financial IQ specific

Keep Good Companionship.
The Messenger of ALLAH (peace be upon him) advised, “A person is on the path of his close friend, so be careful whom you befriend.” Tirmidhi.

The battle against Satan can only be won if we are aware of his traps, and if we apply the strategies to defeat him. On the Day of Judgement, Satan will confess to his sins and mischief. He will declare before all of creation that ALLAH is the One who tells the truth and that he (Satan) is a liar. He will even deny misleading us and question if we ever saw him.

*_May ALLAH keeps guiding us and protect us from Sheitan_*. Aameen.

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