How to Increase Our Love for Allah

⬇️⬇️ways to help us intensify our love of Allah and to help us stay motivated

💡Reading or listening the Holy Qur’an with understanding.
👉The Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance, so we must not only read its verses, but comprehend what we read, contemplate on the meanings, and implement what we read.

Performing voluntary prayers.
👉 The prayer no doubt strengthens our connection with Allah, and more so the voluntary prayer because we stand for this prayer purely for the sake of Allah, even though it is not obligatory.

💡Remembrance of Allah.

💡Remain humble. Humility is equivalent to submission to Allah.
👉We should abandon selfishness and pride in our human power, and stand humbled, meek, and submissive as servants of Allah.

💡Give in charity from things that are dear to you.

💡Remembering Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes.

💡Performing the night prayers, Keeping good company, Gratitude towards Allah

💡Give in charity from things that are dear to you.

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