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Nothing is Permanent in this World


Mere volume of empty Mass, zero density. Nothingness. Endlessness. Suffice to say of the plausibility of mirages and Illusions
Thanks to the Creative Intelligence for presence in the present.


However, nothing ls Permanent In Life

Just visited my 120 years old grandmother & given her some money, when i was leaving, she told me she doesn’t need money again.
That she can no longer buy nor sell @ her age, so I should give the money to the younger ones who need it.

I also have a former governor friend whom i worked with as a green horn journalist. He was governor from 1999-2007.

Not too long ago, i saw him, after check in, he was left seated by the corner of the Murtala Mohammed Anternational Airport alone awaiting his flight. No one even recognized him again, not even passengers from his state where he was a governor, & as i walked up to him & greeted him, then asked if he wanted any assistance, he stretched forth his trembling hands to hold me & simply said, “Thank you for even recognizing me again. I just want your attention briefly my son. Sit down let me ask you something. How is your Governor doing?”

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I also have a retired Major General friend whom i served as a golf caddy @ the NDA golf course in Kurmi Mashi, Kaduna. He was so rich, he built a beautiful house he was so proud of. I visited him too not long ago & wanted us to climb to our favorite spot @ his balcony upstairs.

He stared @ me with a broad smile & said, “Jally, i can’t remember the year i went up there. It is lizards, cobwebs & the likes that live there now.
Even the kids, when they come, they don’t enjoy my company in the house anymore than a few hours & they are gone. I don’t have the limbs to climb up there again & the cost of cleaning keeps getting higher.”

I’ve seen a lot more things.

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How yesterday became the day before, & how today became yesterday, & how tomorrow became today.

How the past became history, & how the present became the past, & how the future became the present.

Nothing ever remains where it is.

Your strength, your influence, your connections, your muscles, your beauty, your wealth, your guts, your worth, your courage, your talent, your YOU, will progressively diminish until it returns to source.

The richest man in the world in the 1960s will be on the payroll of the richest man in the world today!

Even the strongest lion in the jungle will someday become weak, frail & be eaten by the same predators it once terrorized.

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Keep that in mind always & know that no matter how appealing & tempting that thing may seem, our interest in it will diminish with time.

Our strength to consume or own it will vanish with time, until everything is surely taken away from us or we’re surely taken away from everything!

Nothing is permanent in this world.

Wishing you a very REFLECTING times.

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