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Reform Your Life Through the Belief in the Hereafter


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*Reformation of Life Through the Belief in the Hereafter*

Belief in the Hereafter performs an essential function in sustaining good and virtuous values in society and controlling evil and immoral tendencies. Only religion in an unearthly power and in one other world accountable for all deeds can information human deeds in the proper course. That is why human life is linked with the afterlife, aside from the spiritual canons, that are the sources of non secular thought and morality.

The Holy Qur’an has inextricably linked the consciousness of the Hereafter with religion in God, making it attainable to make materials life actual and pious by concurrently creating worry and hope for an everlasting future. For instance, Almighty Allah says: “Indeed, those who believe and do good will have the Gardens of Paradise as an accommodation” (Quran 18:107). “But those who disbelieve and deny Our signs, it is they who will suffer a humiliating punishment.” (Quran 22:57)

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Belief in the Hereafter is the first situation of residing a peaceable and pleased life in worldly life. Those who don’t imagine in the Hereafter are those that don’t acknowledge any ethical values and disturb people’ and society’s peace and security. In societies in which individuals do not need religion or have weak religion, all types of evil works reminiscent of mendacity, theft, fornication, homicide, and immorality might be carried out freely, and ultimately these societies collapse.

Humankind wishes immortality and needs to reside with their beloved ones, beauties, and delights of the world eternally. We see that soul seeks eternality and may fulfill its ideas and creativeness solely with it. It gives pleasure of life for an individual who misplaced a beloved one to assume and imagine that he’s going to reside with him eternally at some point.

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One can discover energy to endure the pains of all adverse incidents he comes throughout in worldly life reminiscent of unfairness, cruelties and injustice, incurable diseases, and issues solely in believing in the Hereafter. It is the largest comfort for an individual to assume that everybody goes to be punished for what they’ve finished, when he’s wronged. It is a superb haven for individuals who are disabled from beginning to assume that enduring it with the assist of perception in the Hereafter goes to be rewarded.

Yes, one who believes in the Hereafter is aware of that he’s going to be known as to account for no matter he has finished, large or trivial, and he’s going to be both punished or rewarded in the finish. And thus, he leads his life in accordance with this.

We can’t appoint a guard for everybody, however we will place guards of consciousness stuffed with perception in the Hereafter in folks’s hearts. Then as a substitute of anarchy, despotism and cruelty, obedience, respect, and justice will rule in the society. Individuals, households, constitutions, communities and even the entire world will reside in peace.

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In abstract, the perception in the life after dying is the biggest motivation for people to do good in this world. When we all know that we can’t escape the pure penalties of our actions, and we should essentially face our God on the Judgment Day and reply for all our actions, we’re sure to attempt our utmost to guide a lifetime of goodness.

Moreover, there isn’t any idea of human values or good and unhealthy with out the idea of hereafter. It is obvious that with out convincing an individual about the hereafter, i.e. life after dying, the idea of human values and the good or evil nature of acts is unimaginable to show to any one that is doing injustice particularly when he’s influential and highly effective.

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