DAILY ISLAMIC REMINDERS. Yaum As-Sabt, 20th day of Shaw’waal. (Saturday, 21st of May, 2022).

If you find yourself constantly prioritizing dunya over akhirah (Hereafter), it is time to strike a balance:
So you have decided you want to be productive for the Hereafter? 
Alhamdulillah, making that intention is the first step! If you are still breathing, the doors of repentence are still open and it is not too late to make it to Jannah.

The best form of investment is to do whatever you can to please the CREATOR especially with our acts of worship! Begin now, review how to correctly pray and establish your daily prayers, make a daily habit of reading The Qur’an and then acting upon it, learn sunnah actions and lessons from the life of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Have eeman in ALLAH and work righteous actions, and take small consistent steps to improve. You will enjoy super productivity in this world and joy in the next in shaa​ ALLAH!

Remember Jannah isn’t for 1 week or 100 years, it’s for eternity and comes with unlimited pleasure. Strive now! _May ALLAH aid us in our efforts to please HIM in exchange for HIS Paradise_. Aameen.

Simple Habits of Greatness

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