*Living harmoniously as spouses Part 2*

*Dear beloved brethren!* Know you that the capital for a marital life is love & mercy. Hence, let’s ensure that this capital is passionately preserved.

As none is perfect except Allāh, spouses are urged towards relating with each other in the best manner.

*O noble wife!* Fear Allāh and respect your husband. Strive hard towards making him happy & comfortable always.  Listen to what ‘Āishah (may Allāh be pleased with her) has said perhaps you can learn a lesson therefrom: *”O you some women! If you knew the right of your husbands over you, you would clean the dust of your husbands ‘ feet with your cheeks.”*

KNOW YOUR LORD - Worship Him as He Deserves it

*O responsible husband!* Fear Allāh in your wife by treating her well & with kindness. Know you that your wife has been created weak & you can not truly find pleasure and comfort from her unless you are patient with her.

*Here is a list of golden advices for responsible & caring men:*

The role of a husband over his wife is *an obligation and not an honour, a burden and not a treasure*;

No woman is free from defects. *So don’t compare your wife with other wives.* If you dislike something in her, you will definitely like some other things;

Beautify yourself for your wife as you will want her to do so for you;

The Story of Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas.

Help her in home chores;

Respect her parents;

Crack useful & true jokes with her and create optimum time to sit with her for deliberation;

Join your wife to perform some voluntary acts of worship at home (Tahajjud for an instance);

Avoid suspicious thoughts and let your (Ghīrah) jealousy for your wife be moderate & balanced;

Refer to a pious and trustworthy scholar when any disagreement could not be resolved between you both;

Supplicate and turn to Allāh in humility for successful marital life.  See Nabil Hāmid Al-Ma’z, _*Kaifa nasluk tariqa Al-Jannah p.162*_

*Today’s Task*

Resolve any misunderstanding between you and your partner today. Remember this is the month of pardon and forgiveness;

Dawah by Beautiful Character

Tell your partner that you have forgiven and forgotten his or her faults just as you will want Allāh to do same for you.

*Humble Supplication*

O Allāh! Forgive both our excesses and inadequacies in our marital life, O You the Merciful.

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