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The story of a Sheikh who prayed with out doing Wudhu.

Abdallah was assigned to oversee a Sheikh of the Masjid in his space.

This Sheikh was a scholar with a variety of data, and had the appears to be like of a righteous man, and was revered by everybody.

One day the Sheikh got here to the Masjid simply earlier than the prayer time and went into the toilet, whereas Abdallah went to do Wudhu.

Abdallah completed doing Wudhu and went to drink water from the fridge subsequent to the toilet door.

When the Muadheen completed the Adhan, the Sheikh got here out rapidly taking a look at his proper and left and didn’t see anybody.

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So he washed his arms and wiped his face with water and went into the Masjid with out doing Wudhu.

Abdallah was watching and was shocked how the Sheikh entered the Masjid to carry out the prayers with out Wudhu.

He was unable to sleep that evening pondering how he was deceived by this Sheikh, who was pretending all these months to be a righteous man.

He doesn’t settle for individuals to speak dangerous about others.

He urges individuals to straighten and to not do sin and calls them to repentance.

It appears to be like like all this time he was performing.

The subsequent day Abdallah went to his previous buddy, the officer of the world and informed him the whole lot that had occurred.

The officer hit his hand and mentioned, “Oh, what a calamity, I have been praying behind this Sheikh for 8 months, and he appears to be a liar and enters the Masjid without Wudhu.”

The officer thanked Abdallah and informed him to silence the matter and to not inform anybody, and he’ll observe up the matter.

After telling his colleagues and their advisors, they determined to take away the Sheikh and put him beneath surveillance.

After which Abdallah was honored for his consideration and keenness.

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The Sheikh was eliminated, which made him to go away the town and move to his previous metropolis.

Years later Abdallah bought a pores and skin illness in his thigh, and the physician informed him that he ought to change the dressing at any time when pus comes out of the irritation in order that the situation doesn’t worsen.

One day he entered the Masjid and had the pus in his wound, he needed to change the dressing and went into the toilet to exchange the dressing.

When he completed, he went out rapidly to meet up with the congregational prayer.


He stood in entrance of the water faucet and needed to resume his Wudhu.

He remembered that he didn’t break his Wudhu and if he do Wudhu once more, he would delay his prayer.

So he washed his arms and wiped his face and went to the Masjid.

Here he remembered the scene he noticed 10 years in the past and mentioned: “O Allah, was I unfair to the Sheikh?”

He rushed to the officer of the world, and requested him for the Sheikh’s deal with and after an extended search he discovered the deal with.

He went the subsequent day, and after a search and hassle, he discovered the home of the Sheikh.

He knocked the door and an previous girl got here out and he greeted her Assalam Aleikum.

Then he requested her: “Is this the house of the Sheikh?”

The previous girl requested: “Are you his friend?”

He mentioned: “Yes I am his friend.”

She mentioned to him: “Welcome.”

In the yard of the home, he noticed a younger man with a incapacity sitting on a wheelchair and carrying ragged garments.

When he sat down, he requested: “Where is the Sheikh?”

She informed him that the Sheikh died 8 years in the past due to the worsening of the pores and skin illness, and that he didn’t have cash.


His spouse additionally died years later as a consequence of pneumonia and left this disabled baby together with her.

Abdallah slapped his face and exploded in tears at what he had carried out to the Sheikh and his household.

Do not choose what you see rapidly.

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اجْتَنِبُوا كَثِيرًا مِّنَ الظَّنِّ إِنَّ بَعْضَ الظَّنِّ إِثْمٌ

{O ye who consider! Avoid suspicion as a lot (as doable): for suspicion in some circumstances is a sin} Surah Al Hujraat, 12.

JazaakAllaahu Khairan for Reading:

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MAY Almighty Allah ( Subhanahu Wa Ta’Ala ) proceed to bless, information and shield us. Ameen

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